40x23x23 cm
16'' x 9'' x 8.7''
Reproduction in marble plaster, patina finish, 22 carat gold leaf

Prix : 300 euros

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You are a Christian and you feel dry. Perhaps you have forgotton that if you draw near to God, he will draw near to you. And his desire, when you open up your heart to him, is to pour his life into you. So spend some time with him and you will see the abundance of his grace.

Maybe you are not a believer and you are looking for proof of the existence of God. What he wants is that you just start to believe and open up your heart because if you dont, you won’t find him. When you open your heart to him (you are the only one able to do this), God will pour out his presence in abundance. I saw liquid gold pouring and pouring out into your heart.

For me the gold represents real treasure - personal and eternal.




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